Synergic application of BODY LOTION and LIPO BURNER

Ideal together to improve muscle’s efficiency, stimulate an efficient recover after physical effort and help a good shaping of body and lean body mass.

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BODY LOTION: by reactivating the microcirculation it allows muscular tissues to get nourishment from the new energetic source

LIPO BURNER: by acting on lipolysis it turns the adipose cell into available energy for muscles

The synergistic use of BL, LB is the ideal treatment for athletes and more broadly to keep muscles efficient and tonic. The specific action of each cosmetic (muscular nourishment activation, transformation of fat mass into energy and improvement of cells’ nervous activity) enable a high muscular performance, an efficient post physical activity recovering and a good shaping of body and lean body mass. Effects: increased strength, firm and tonic skin, well shaped lean body mass.


The synergistic application  of two or more cosmetics enhances each water’s own effect and produces a further new one, thus activating a real beauty PROCESS

1+1 ≥ 2


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