The Martinelli brothers, Alessandro and Marco, have been doing research and working on the development of technologies for professional beauty and aesthetic medicine for 20 years. From laser to pulsed light modulation instruments and optoelectronic devices, they started to pose questions about how these actually worked. Light and sound, hence vibrations, allowed them to achieve visible effects on all the body parts where treatment was applied.
Their genuine passion for truth encouraged them to continue in-depth research to get more insights into the field, with more opportunities opening up thanks to the new discoveries in quantum physics. Gradually, the brothers abandoned the classical approach which placed the matter in the centre of every experimental activity and focused on the ‘void’, i.e. vast space of which the Universe and are made. They focused on the fact that the human body is an infinite space composed in 1% of molecular matter and in 99% – of water.
Starting with the concept of water as the most powerful conductor of electricity, the brothers realized that the technologies applied so far informed water through the waves of light and sound. Cast in this role, water carried information inside the cells.
This finding fundamentally changed their way of thinking and consequently – the way they worked, making them start VIBRATIONAL AESTHETICS (ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALE), which placed WATER in the centre of their exploration.

The centre of scientific exploration carried out at ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALE is the water molecule. Every day, the EV staff optimizes genuine ‘transformational processes’ using the simplest element present in nature and all its powerful properties, so often just taken for granted.
Starting with the study of water structure and observation of how it continuously changes, the Martinelli brothers understood that every change is stimulated and influenced by the environment and therefore also by us, human beings. Every object, situation or individual who comes into contact with water, informs it.
There exists continuous communication between man and water. The latter can be made a carrier of all kinds of messages. Inspired by scientific discoveries, our intention was to acquire even more profound insights into this most precious element. We have remained totally committed to the fascinating study of water and have continued to perfect the instruments which encourage its extensive use in order to foster the well-being of each and every individual.
With the help of exclusive technologies, we are now capable of creating information strings or codes which are then inserted into water so that the information remains permanent and can be transmitted to all the tissues and cells. Every product which involves informed water made by ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALE represents a technology. It is an instrument which stimulates different processes of biological perfection and thus makes our natural desire come true: delays the signs of ageing, gives us a healthy look, renders our skin smooth and supple and our hair – rich …, helps us feel well …, be well.

Our project was realized thanks to simple spray application of our products.

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