Evolio line, vibrational oil.


Vibrational oils made by EV use only extra virgin olive oil obtained from the olives grown, picked and pressed in Italy.
Thanks to the proprietary technology, we are able to computerize this exquisite oil, encoding it with the frequencies of four specific treatment applications.
Each kind of oil represents a genuine highly efficient technology which offers new vitality and energy to the human body, nourishing and hydrating it, and effectively treating different imperfections.
Applied all over the body and left until fully absorbed, the oil gives a sensation of fresh vitality and effectively performs the function for which it was computerized, immediately producing visible effects.


I prodotti:

EA Moisturizing

(bombola spray no gas 100ml)

EL Anti-age
(spray no gas 100ml)

BF Draining
(spray no gas 100ml)

BL Toning
(spray no gas 100ml)

Ideal for all professional body treatments (beauty, holistic, therapeutic), it comes in 300 ml cans designed for beauty studios / salons. If you are a professional beautician interested in professional application of Evolio line, contact our customer care division on news@esteticavibrazionale.com. We will send you more information about how to use our products..



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