Active Shorts by Estetica Vibrazionale.

Active Shorts

• drain and cleanse the skin
• firm up the muscles due to anti-oxidant action
• reduce cellulite imperfections
• have a lipolytic effect supporting diet programmes and movement
• have a detox effect.

The shorts can be offered as treatment by beauty and SPA centres, with an electric blanket and electrostimulators during the massage. They can also be used at home during your everyday activities.

1. Open the bag containing the selected item.
2. Slightly “wring out” the shorts inside the bag to reduce the amount of product remaining on the shorts.
3. Close the bag with a clothes peg.
4. Put on the shorts. If you wish to remain seated, it is recommended to use a plastic film or to cover the buttocks with an aluminium sheet before sitting. Otherwise, stand for approx. 30 minutes.
5. Take the shorts off and put them back into the bag. Leave the shorts for a couple of days before using them again. Repeat the treatment.
It is possible to ‘reactivate’ the shorts using the Estetica Vibrazionale spray. Spray the product inside the bag onto the shorts after use. The effects will be visible already after the first treatment and will last for 2-4 days.
You can also follow a complete remodelling programme using:

2 BF shorts for the first two weeks (twice a week)
3 BS shorts for the following three weeks (twice a week)
1 LB shorts for the following week (twice a week)
2 BL shorts for another two weeks (twice a week)

This treatment lasts 8 weeks. The effects will be visible for 4-6 months.

L – 46 /52
XL – 54 and over

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