EV Vibrational Waters are constantly in progress as much in their quality as in their quantity, and the number of cosmetics is going to increase thanks to the unceasing research of new codes that are going to allow us to create waters with more specific functionalities. Also from the point of view of effects and results we are continuously discovering something new.

Indeed each product produces the effects for which it has specifically been created, true to the codes and active principles it contains but, more often than not, from its regular application new effects are turning out because water’s vitality stimulates new and reasonable reactions of the cells. This is true for the specific cosmetic but, even more, for the combined use of more of them.

Our effort in communication tends to inform our followers about everything new we find out every day. That’s why we feel the need to create a space where we can have a direct contact with our customers, giving them the possibility to ask questions and share their opinions, needs and experiences. This will also give us the chance to work quickly, day by day, towards new discoveries.

Our Customer Care is exactly this: a space of direct contact with all of you.

What we are aiming to is:

  • To assist our customers, both private and professional, in the correct utilization of the cosmetics, updating them in real time about new findings and applications
  • Give an answer to any personal question, doubt or need
  • Share our research, curiosity and studies that have allowed the creation of our waters: true technology in a spray.

EV’s Customer Care is much more than a usual Customer Care. A very simple e-mail to will set a direct contact with us. The person who will answer you is not only prepared and updated on everything about  EV’s, but is also driven by the same passion and curiosity of the founders.

We are waiting for you!

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