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Alessandro and Marco Martinelli:  we are two brothers who have been working for 20 years now researching and producing new technology for professional  beauty and cosmetic medicine.

Going from laser to pulsating light modulation instruments and optoelectronic devices we soon started asking ourselves why these instruments were working: light and sound, that’s to say vibrations, allowed us then, and they still do it now, to get conspicuous results in treating any part of the body.

The passion we share in seeking the truth urged us to expand our researches and knowledge. Also thanks to quantum physics’ new discoveries, we moved from the classical concept of considering matter the centre of every experiment and focused our attention on “emptiness”, that is the infinity of which the Universe, mankind included, is made of.

We suddenly realized that our body is an infinite space made of a mere 1% of matter and 99% of water.

Stating that water is the most powerful electric conductor in nature we got aware that all the technologies we had been using were actually informing the water by means of light’s and sound’s waves. And so, true to its purpose, water takes the information into the cells it gets in contact with.

Once we grasped this, our way of thinking changed drastically and, accordingly, did our actions. So we founded ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALE focused in researching on WATER.


Water molecule is the real protagonist of ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALEs everyday’s research.

Day by day we are able to optimize real “transformative processes” using the simplest, and often given for granted, element in Nature with all its powerful qualities.

Studying waters structure and observing its continuous modifications we understood that each variation is stimulated and influenced by the environment and therefore also by Man. Every object, individual or circumstances that gets in contact with water just informs it.

There is a constant communication between Man and Water and its possible to enable it to carry any sort of message.

Considering all the scientific findings we have approached so far, our target now is to completely devote ourselves to deepen our knowledge on anything available about the most precious thing: Water, and to carry on elaborating means able to allow a large use of it in order to help individual’s well being.

Now, thanks to an exclusive technology, we are able to create files of informations, codes, which we insert into the water in such a way that they will be kept in it permanently and transmitted to tissues and cells.

Each canister of ESTETICA VIBRAZIONALE s vibrational water is a piece of technology, a precious tool actually able to support the different improving biologic processes aimed to obtain what we are all longing for: delaying aging signs, have a healthy look, a smooth skin, tonic structures, luxuriant hair…, feel healthy and … be healthy.

This is our target that has become true thanks to the very simple spray use of our products.


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