Synergic application of BODY SLIM and LIPO BURNER

Ideal together to shape curves, revive tissues’ tonicity and reduce cellulite’s effects.

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BODY SLIM: by reactivating microcirculation and cells’ metabolism it carries on a reducing action

LIPO BURNER: it efficiently dissolves local fat. It boosts adipose tissue’s reactivity thus helping silhouette’s thinning down and size reduction.

The spraying of both cosmetics mornings and evenings (in case of deep affections it may be helpful to intensify applications) will help to transform adipe into available energy and so gaining better physical power and clarity of mind. Highly efficient in treating local fat. Effect: shaped curves, revived tissues’ tonicity and reduced cellulite’s effects.

The synergistic application  of two or more cosmetics enhances each water’s own effect and produces a further new one, thus activating a real beauty PROCESS

1+1 ≥ 2


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