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Now available!!!


Tests have been completed and the results are surprisingly positive. A new world for us that of cream!!! As much as for Waters, the immediate visible efficacy of these two new face products, is due to the fact that they act following the new paradigm of cells information. Repeatedly have we explained (and we are going to keep on doing so) how it is much more effective to restore the potential energy of the bodies, and only consequently act on the substance. Thus working, the results come quickly and are stable, and the cells regain their natural youth.

Here are the products:

REMOVE – Rebalancing Make-up remover:EV_0008_RM

a spray based on super-coherent water  which removes make-up and impurities from the skin, while rebalancing and deeply toning it. Just apply it directly onto the skin or spray the right quantity on a cotton pad.  REMOVE is suitable for any skin type. Also ideal for acne affected or problematic skins.

ANTIAGE Face Cream:EV_0009_AN

A very highly performing product in treating the skin and combat its ageing problems. Precious active principles, such as hyaluronic acid and see plankton extracts, are enhanced by the water base which is “informed” with codes acting on muscle fibre and on cells oxidative processes. Thus we get a nourishing, harmonising product with a powerful lifting efficacy.

If you want to purchase it, just follow the products’ link and put them in your trolley.

If you are a practitioner, do not hesitate to contact us at news@esteticavibrazionale so you can have all the info suitable to your activity.