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The tests have been completed and reaction is surprisingly positive. A new world of cream is opening up! As in the case of water, also the two new products in the face line produce immediate and visible effects due to a new paradigm of cellular information. We have already explained (and will continue to do so) the advantage of restoration of the bodily energetic potential. The results so obtained are quick and stable and the cells regain their natural youth look.

ANTIAGE Face Cream

A highly effective skincare product which also helps prevent skin ageing. Supreme quality active substances, such as hyaluronic acid and sea plantkon extracts, are enhanced by the aqueous base, ‘informed’ with codes which affect layers of muscle fibres and stimulate cellular oxidation processes. We have so obtained a harmonizing nourishing product which produces a strong lifting effect. To INCREASE its potential, cleanse your face with REMOVE!

It is easy: spray REMOVE on a cotton pad and remove make-up and grime from your decolletè, neck, face and eyes. Then apply a dose of ANTIAGE and massage it on the skin until fully absorbed.

If you manage a beauty center contact us on news@esteticavibrazionale for more information.